Drinks List


Bubbly                                                                                                           Glass               Bottle

Lindauer Brut NZ   (200ml)                                                                                                                                             10



Rockburn, “Stolen Kiss” Central Otago, Rosé 2017                                                                   10.5                          45



Lone Hill “Single Vineyard” Waitaki Valley, Riesling 2012                                                   10                              40


Sauvignon Blanc                                                                                                                                     

Chard Farm, Central Otago, Sauvignon Blanc 2017                                                                  10.5                          44


Greywacke, Marlborough, Sauvignon Blanc 2017                                                                      11                              48


Pinot Gris

Dragon Bones “Single Vineyard” Waitaki Valley, Pinot Gris 2013                                    10                              40


Rockburn, Central Otago, Pinot Gris 2016                                                                                  10.5                           44



Chard Farm, Central Otago, Chardonnay 2016                                                                           10.5                          42


Pinot Noir    

Devils Staircase, Central Otago, Pinot Noir 2018                                                                        10.5                          44


Rockburn, Central Otago, Pinot Noir 2015                                                                                   16.5                         75



Tohu, Hawkes Bay, Merlot 2016                                                                                                    9.5                           38



Mitolo “The Nessus”, Australia, 2014                                                                                            10.5                          42



Export Gold                                                                                                                     7.5

Export Grapefruit 2%                                                                                                 7.5

Export Citrus 0%                                                                                                            7.5

Speight’s                                                                                                                         7.5

Amstel Light 2.5%                                                                                                        7.5

Heineken                                                                                                                         8

Heineken Light 2.5%                                                                                                 8

Heineken 0.0%                                                                                                             8

Steinlager Pure                                                                                                              8

Monteiths Original                                                                                                      8

Monteiths Beacon Pilsner                                                                                      8

MonteithsBarber Lager                                                                                           8

MonteithsRadler                                                                                                        8

Monteiths Black                                                                                                           8.5

Sol                                                                                                                                  8

Peroni                                                                                                                            8.5

Nor’west Lager – Draught 330ml                                                                       10

(By Burkes Brewing Co.)

Poppies Pale Ale – Draught 330ml                                                                   10

(By Burkes Brewing Co. for Poppies)



New Zealand Craft Beer

Burkes Brewing Co. Shepherds Delight Amber Ale 330ml                10 

Burkes Brewing Co. Pilsner 500ml                                                                    15

Burkes Brewing Co. Mountaineer’s Breakfast 500ml                            15.5                                            

Sawmill Extra Pale Ale 330ml                                                                               10.5

Scott’s Boulder (Pale Ale) 330ml                                                                       9.5

Scott’s Harbour Master IPA 330ml                                                                   11

Scott’s Vienna Lager 330ml                                                                                   9.5

Scott’s 1905 Golden Lager 330ml                                                                     9.5

Scott’s Explorer light 2.5% 330ml                                                                     8.5

Scott’s Pale Ale (Gluten Free) 330ml                                                              10.5

Tuatara ITI 3.3% 330ml                                                                                            9.5



Scott’s Parched Cider (Dry style)                                                      10

Monteiths Apple                                                                                        9.5

Monteiths Lightly Crushed Apple 2.8%                                       9.5

Rekorderlig Cider                                                                                       14.5




Fresh Juices & Soft Drinks 

Apple                                                                                                                 4.5

Cranberry                                                                                                        4.5

Orange                                                                                                              4.5

Pineapple                                                                                                        4.5

Tomato                                                                                                             4.5

Coke, Sprite & Diet Coke                                                                       4

Bundaberg Ginger Beer                                                                          5.5

Organic Mango & Green Iced Tea                                                    5

Organic Peach & Black Iced Tea                                                         5

Organic Apple & Feijoa                                                                            5.5

Organic Peach & Raspberry                                                                  5.5

Sparkling Watermelon, Lime & Apple                                          5.5

Sparkling Rhubarb                                                                                      5.5

Elderflower & Green Currant                                                             5.5




Sparkling Water

Antipodes New Zealand 500ml                                                         6

Antipodes New Zealand 1000ml                                                      10


Spirits and Liquors

Gin                                                                                                                      8.5

Bombay Gin                                                                                                    9.5           

Lighthouse Gin (NZ)                                                                                   9.5

Hendricks Gin                                                                                               13.5                                                                                

Vodka                                                                                                                8.5         

Bacardi                                                                                                              8.5


Rum                                                                                                                   8.5


Jim Beam                                                                                                         8.5           

Jack Daniels                                                                                                    8.5


VSOP Brandy                                                                                                  8.5


Pimms                                                                                                               8.5

Baileys                                                                                                              10.5

Cointreau                                                                                                        10.5

Kahlua                                                                                                               10.5

Drambuie                                                                                                        10.5

Frangelico                                                                                                       10.5

Limoncello                                                                                                     11


Tawny Port                                                                                                      8.5 

Otima Tawny Port 10 year old                                                            12



Famous Grouse                                                                                            8.5

Grants                                                                                                              8.5

Jameson                                                                                                          9

Canadian Club                                                                                               9

Glenfiddich Single Malt 12 year old                                               11

Bowmore Islay Single Malt 12 years                                               12

Laphroaig Islay Single Malt 10 year old                                        13            

Lagavulin Islay Single Malt 16 year old                                         16

New Zealand Cyril’s 20 year old                                                        16.5

New Zealand South Island Single Malt 21 years                      23.5




Champagne & Bubbly                                                                                          Bottle

Lindauer Brut NZ                                                                                                                                                10 (200ml)


Lindauer, Special Reserve Brut, NZ                                                                                                                  34

An internationally acclaimed Methode traditionelle.


Lindauer, Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, NZ                                                                                                       29

A lively sparkling wine with intense passionfruit, fresh gooseberry and lime flavours.


Daniel Le Brun, Methode Traditionelle, NZ                                                                                                     55

This dry sparkling wine is made by blending Pinot Noir, Chardonnay & Pinot Meunier.


Quartz Reef Brut                                                                                                                                                65

Savoury lees, red apple, delicate florals and cherry all grounded by a subtle brioche nuttiness and lifted by crisp mineral and pink grapefruit vibrancy. Fresh and complete with a lingering finish.


Laurent-Perrier, Brut Champagne, France                                                                                                        115

Layers of rich apple & golden pear are enveloped by toasted bread & candied citrus peel. 


Laurent-Perrier, 2004 Vintage Champagne                                                                                                     195         

The nose is fresh and delicate with hints of citrus and white fruit. This champagne has the perfect balance of crispness, freshness and finesse. 



Rockburn, “Stolen Kiss” Central Otago, Rosé 2016                                                                                      45

Made with 100% Central Otago Pinot Noir grapes, it has flavours of crushed strawberry, cherry & candyfloss aromas.


River-T Estate, Waitaki Valley, Pinot Rose 2017                                                                                             50

Complex aromas of strawberry and candied cherry, rich and smooth palate, bursting with flavours of red fruit and watermelon.


Rockburn, “Stolen Kiss” Central Otago, Rosé 2016 Magnum                                                                 90





Lone Hill “Single Vineyard” Waitaki, Riesling 2012                                                                                     40

This has a fresh, tightly bound and delicate nose of limes, florals and slate. Off-dry to taste, this has lovely, delicate flavours of citrus fruits infused with minerally notes.


River T, Waitaki Valley, Riesling 2016 (13.0%)                                                                                               40

Beautifully fragrant on the nose with white stone fruit, rock melon, apple blossom and lemon zest. The Palate is full of fruit purity with subtle sweetness and juicy acidity, finishing long and fine.


Ostler Lakeside, Waitaki Valley, Riesling 2013 (12.5%)                                                                             44

A dry Riesling with floral aromatics with a hint of spicy citrus peel and a chalky mineral scent. A fresh and vibrant palate with flavours of lemon and mandarin with a limy acidity to finish with.


Carrick Bannockburn, Central Otago, Riesling 2014 (11%)                                                                      45

Flavours of grapefruit and mandarin with this off-dry Riesling.


Rockburn “Tigermoth” Central Otago, Riesling 2015 (9%)                                                                      48

Medium - sweet style, apricots & mandarin dominate the nose, with a lively palate of tangerine & lime.


Felton Road “Bannockburn” Central Otago” Riesling 2016 (9.5%)                                                     65

Aromas of lychee, stonefruit and florals. The palate is peachy, dense and refreshing with a sherbet finish.


Sauvignon Blanc                                                                                                    Bottle


Tohu, Marlborough, Sauvignon Blanc 2017                                                                                                      38

A bright, fresh & tangy Sauvignon with punchy herbal, gooseberry & mineral flavours.


Chard Farm, Central Otago, Sauvignon Blanc 2017                                                                                       44

Displaying intense aromas of crushed fresh herbs with hints of melon & guava. 


Carrick, Central Otago, Sauvignon Blanc 2016                                                                                                45

Subtle fruit character with melon, mango and guava with an acidity that has a sea salt character at times. Softly aromatic on the nose with hints of mineral saltiness.


Peregrine, Central Otago, Sauvignon Blanc 2016                                                                                          45

Fragrant and inviting with ripe stone fruit, kiwifruit and lemon zest, backed by focused and crisp mouthfeel.


Greywacke, Marlborough, Sauvignon Blanc 2017                                                                                        48

A musky fusion of sweet scented fruits – nectarines, peaches & Nashi pears with a hint of orange zest, intermingled with a floral perfume reminiscent of star jasmine & citrus blossom


Neudorf, Nelson, Sauvignon Blanc 2017                                                                                                           55

Single vineyard, 20% barrel fermented. A pastiche of fruits; feijoas, guava, nectarines lifted notes of lemongrass & kaffir lime. Subtle oak handling fills out the palate, very elegant. 



Pinot Gris


Devils Staircase, Central Otago, Pinot Gris 2016                                                                                            36

Nashi pears, ginger & lemon zest on the nose with flavours of honeydew & lush fruits.


Dragon Bones “Single Vineyard” Waitaki Pinot Gris 2013                                                                       40

Bright, lively pear & tropical fruit flavours mark the impact with honey & pears flavours in the glass. 


River T, Waitaki Valley, Pinot Gris 2014                                                                                                             40

An elegant Pinot Gris with aromas of poached pear, stone fruit, floral and subtle spice. Flavoursome with bright fruit and a silky texture and crisp acidity.


Rockburn, Central Otago, Pinot Gris 2016                                                                                                        44


Rich stone fruit & juicy pear aromas herald the vibrantly fruity off-dry palate, layered over a rich supple   mouth feel. Delicate sweetness is balanced against a firm backbone of acid.


Chard Farm “Sur lie” Central Otago, Pinot Gris 2015                                                                                  45

Aromas of ripe quince and pear fruit with dried herb and white spice. This wine is full, textural and dry on the palate. The fruit offers plenty of structure and is balanced with fine mineral flavours to finish.


Fromm La Strada, Marlborough, Pinot Gris 2015                                                                                          47

Ripe fruit intermingled with savouriness & flintstone dominate the nose. The palate (pears, almonds & floral) is rich & full with a fine structure that leads into a long.  


Ostler “Audrey’s” Waitaki Valley, Pinot Gris 2013                                                                                       52

Opulent and rich in the mouth, with some residual sugar balanced by nutty, toasty oak and a fine, slightly savoury finish filled with pineapple, mango and guava.    


Neudorf Moutere, Nelson, Pinot Gris 2016                                                                                                      60

Honey, nutmeg, custard and poached pears aromas. On the palate a juicy, fresh, silky texture, abundant core of fruit and a spicy layer with plenty of acidity and a light citrus note.



Chardonnay                                                                                                        Bottle


Te MATA, Hawkes Bay, Chardonnay 2016                                                                                                         38

Ripe stonefruit and citrus characters enhanced by fermentation in seasoned oak barrels, lees contact and creamy malolactic influence, to create a rich and elegant wine.


Chard Farm “Closeburn” Central Otago, Chardonnay 2016                                                                    44

An attractive aroma of ripe grapefruit and lifted floral notes. White nectarine flavours on the palate, with a good drive of mineral acid, leading to a long dry finish.


Terra Sancta “Riverblock” Central Otago, Chardonnay 2015                                                                 48

The nose is complex with bright stone fruit, hazelnut, warm spices and white flowers. Highly textural, elegant and mineral driven, it has a long and intriguing finish.


Black Estate “Home Block” North Canterbury, Chardonnay 2015                                                      60

Aromas of oyster shell, nectarine, apricot, honey suckle, cashew & hazelnut. The pallet is dense & present with clay soils & salivating minerality. Flavours of white rock & brioche persist & linger.


Chard Farm “Judge and Jury” Central Otago, Chardonnay 2016                                                          65

With aromas of white flowers, white peach and bouquet garni, barrel give the spice and toasty extra warmth and depth. Creamy peach and lemon sorbet flavours on the palate and a mineral laced acid gently pushes the fruit along a generous and lengthy finish.


Te Kairanga “John Martin” Martinborough, Chardonnay 2014                                                            65

Succulent aromas of melon and white nectarine are balanced with almond and floral notes. A rich, yet elegant palate leads to a long rounded finish.


Felton Road “Bannockburn” Central Otago Chardonnay 2014                                                             68

White peach, crushed almonds and orange blossom abound on the nose. The palate is creamy and luscious with an underlying and fine-tuned acidic freshness. The finish features a return of the almond characters in this nutty, mineral and distinctive Bannockburn Chardonnay. 


Ata Rangi, Craighall, Martinborough, Chardonnay 2015                                                                          85

Rich aromas of ripe yellow stone fruits and citrus fruit melded with creamy and nutty barrel ferment notes. Medium bodied, the palate displays yellow stone fruits, citrus fruits, nutty and toasty oak.


Rockburn, Central Otago, Chardonnay 2011 ~Magnum~                                                        100

The nose is pure & subtle with notes of lemon, grapefruit & hazelnut. The palate continues with full texture & fine tension, showing lemon meringue pie, butterscotch & delicate minerality with a zesty finish. The cool summer allowed for excellent flavour development & great aromatics. 




Ostler, Waitaki Valley, Gewurztraminer 2015                                                                                                44

Floral aromatics with a hint of spice root ginger, clove and cinnamon. Rich lychee fruit flavours and soft acidity. 


Dessert Wine


Dragon Bones “Single Vineyard” Waitaki Valley, 2014                                                                             80(750mls)

Complex aromas of lemon curd, spice, mandarin and subtle honey, which lead to a flavoursome palate that is richly fruited and generously weighted.



Pinot Noir


Greywacke, Marlborough, Pinot Noir 2013 (375ml ½ bottle)                                                              32

Sweet flavours black Doris plums, raspberries & cherries. Highly fragrant with cinnamon & clove.


Peregrine, Central Otago, Pinot Noir 2011 (375ml ½ bottle)                                                                42

Dark cherries, blackberries, plums & spice, herbal characters. Powerful & elegant.


Omaka Springs Estate, Falveys, Marlburough, Pinot Noir 2012                                                            42

Plum, dark berry, chocolate, raspberry and fresh herb flavours. Flavoursome wine with distinct personality.


Devils Staircase, Central Otago, Pinot Noir 2018                                                                                           44

Flavours of black Doris plums, blueberries & bramble fruit. Very fruity, rich & supple, finely balanced.


River T, Waitaki Valley, Pinot Noir 2015                                                                                                            55

Aromas of strawberry and red cherry fruit. Medium-bodied with flavours of strawberries, cherries & herbs.


Rockburn, Central Otago, Pinot Noir 2015                                                                                                       75

An expressive nose & deeply fruited palate, vibrant notes of plums, black cherry, thyme & mocha. 


Peregrine, Central Otago, Pinot Noir 2014                                                                                                       78            

Silky and elegant with dark red cherry, spice and blackcurrant.


Ostler “Caroline’s” Waitaki Valley, Pinot Noir 2016                                                                                   88

The nose shows dark brambly fruit offset by distinct oriental spice. The palate is ripe fruit, spiciness, savoury aromas with satisfying palate weight, minerality & velvet tannins.


Mountford Estate, North Canterbury, Pinot Noir 2012                                                                             90

Aromatic, rich savouriness and red fruits on the nose. Medium-full bodied with vibrant acidity.


Chard Farm “MKII” Central Otago, Pinot Noir 2013                                                                                     95

 An elegant, supple and perfumed wine with red fruits including strawberry, raspberry and red cherry plus a hint of violets and a subtle backbone of steely minerality. The wine shows lovely purity and energy.


Burn Cottage, Central Otago, Pinot Noir 2014                                                                                                110

Aromas of red fruits & earl grey tea. With flavours of red berry fruits, wild thyme and rich savoury notes lead to a long finish.


Felton Road “Bannockburn” Central Otago, Pinot Noir 2015                                                                115

Dark cherry, rosehip and wafts of perfumed leather lead into notes of omega plum, cinnamon spice, nutmeg and dried thyme on the palate. 


Rockburn “Nine Barrels” Central Otago, Pinot Noir 2015                                                                        115

Layers of dark red cherry fruit, aromatic and spicy oak and herbs on the nose.  Medium- full bodied with flavours of the dark red cherry fruit, spices, herbs and nutty oak.


Ata Rangi, Martinborough, Pinot Noir 2014                                                                                                     130

Dark-fleshed plum, black cherry, mixed spice and sweet herbs. This wine is a dense, complex Pinot Noir with a nice mix of fruit and savoury characters.


Rockburn, Central Otago, Pinot Noir 2011 ~Magnum~                                                                              170

The 2011 vintage yielded beautiful fruit in Central Otago. Richly textured with concentrated plum, dark cherry & raspberry flavours plus a seasoning of spice & oak. Smooth with a lingering finish.

 Awarded “Champion Open Red Wine Trophy” at the Air New Zealand Wine awards 2012.


Merlot                                                                                                                       Bottle


Tohu, Hawkes Bay, Merlot 2016                                                                                                                            38

This ripe and fruity Merlot has aromas of red berries and spice with subtle, oak in support. Fruit driven with silky tannins the wine is balanced in the palate with plums, raspberries and cassis. 


David Lowe Wines, New South Wales, Merlot 2015                                                                                   45

Medium to full-bodied with a balance of dark berry fruits and oak with subtle spice. Firm but fine tannins lead to a soft finish.


Shiraz & Syrah                                                                                                    Bottle


High Street, McLaren Vale (Aust), Shiraz, 2014                                                                                              35

Vibrant bouquet of red berry fruits, plums and hints of anise and vanillin spice. 


Mitolo “The Nessus”, Australia, Shiraz, 2014                                                                                 42

Matured in oak, this wine offers full flavour with soft tannins. Flavours of blackberry, raspberry & plum. 


Aurora Vineyard “Bendigo” Central Otago, Syrah 2012                                                                            50

Dense concentrated colour, with cracked black pepper & sweet dark plums on the nose. It is rich on the palate with bold, chewy tannins & good persistence.


Georges Road “Block One” Waipara, Syrah 2016                                                                                           54

A fragrant nose of white pepper, earth & oak. Lively red & black fruit entwined with flavours of fresh herbs, liquorice & oak. A hint of spicy fine grained tannin & velvet mouth feel finish. 


Man O’ War “Bellerophon”, Waiheke Island, Syrah 2014                                                                        90

Medium-full bodied, the palate is of dark raspberry and blackberry fruit with dark ref and violet florals. Fine grained, flowery tannins with acidity lending liveliness and drive. 


Jim Barry “The McRae Wood” Clare Valley (Aust), Shiraz 2013                                                            95

This is a well-weighted, medium-bodied, concentrated Shiraz. Perfumed floral aromas of sandalwood, marjoram & thyme. The palate has a core of sweet dark fruits including raspberry, loganberry & cherry. 



Red Blends


Man O’ War Estate Merlot Cabernet Malbec 2014                                                                                      50

Big, rich, dense and yet accessible red with masses of dark fruits, chocolate and coffee plus a seasoning of spicy oak. A deliciously drinkable red, with a backbone of sweet, ripe tannins.


Pegasus Bay, Waipara Valley, Merlot Cabernet 2013                                                                                 55

Aromas and flavours suggest wild blackberries, purple plums, cassis, and chocolate mocha, with underlying hints of vanilla pod, spice and roasted nuts. The palate is rich with ripe tannins and a savoury after taste. 


Jim Barry “Cover Drive” Coonawarra (Aust), Cabernet Sauvignon 2013                                         50

This wine is a deep and inky colour. The nose displays aromas of blackcurrant, blueberry and cedar. The palate is generous & vivacious, offering fresh, lively blackberry and black cherry fruit.


Ata Rangi, Martinborough, Celebre 2014                                                                                                          75

Produced only in excellent seasons, Supple, rounded body of dark fruited Merlot, the spicy, lifted perfume of Syrah and the vibrancy of Cabernet Sauvignon. Aromatics of ripe blueberry, boysenberry and red currents.


Yalumba “The Signature”, Barossa Valley (Aust), Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz 2013           90

Showing dark red powdery currents and leafy freshness of mint and cool spices, the aromatics are complex Cabernet Sauvignon. The palate is Shiraz with dark plum, liquorice and berry fruits with an ironstone depth of tannin.